Wood Fencing

Businesses looking to add new a new commercial fence can rely on the timeless style that comes with wood fencing. There are traditional styles of wood fencing, as well as contemporary styles. The right choice could provide a perfect complement to your commercial property. Hartsell Brothers Fence Company can install your choice of commercial wood fencing in Greater and Metro Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties.

Different Varieties Available

Wood fencing provides a great variety of options over other types of commercial fencing. There is a variety of wood to choose from with treated pine being the most common. However, cedar, redwood and locust are also good choices for wood fencing. At Hartsell Brothers Fence Company, we will show you the customization options available for your wood fence.  Here are some of the options available:

  • Split Rail or Pickets
  • Victorian Pickets
  • Pergolas
  • Board on Board
  • Panels
  • Decorative Top

There are ways to increase the longevity of a wood fence as some are pressure treated to stand up to the elements of Mother Nature. Wood fences can also be stained to enhance their overall look. Adding a protective coating will cut down on maintenance and extend the lifespan of a wood fence.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing

Commercial wood fences bring a host of benefits, some of which are not available in other types of commercial fencing. A commercial fence can add appeal and help to increase the overall value of a property. Here are some more benefits that come with the installation of a commercial wood fence from Hartsell Brothers:

  • Privacy – Many commercial properties need to provide a barrier to ensure privacy. 
  • Eco Friendly – Biodegradable factors a big plus during construction.
  • Simple Repair – Some ordinary tools can be used to fix problems with wood fencing.
  • Customization – Wood fencing can be tailored to fit the style of your choice.