Hartsell Brothers Fence Company installs swing gates that come in various widths, heights and designs. Swing gates open on their axes so that they swing toward or away from individuals. Smaller swing gates, often called walk gates, are usually 3’-4’ in width and are designed to compliment your existing fence. These gates can come with standard latches or access security locks.

Larger single swing gates, designed primarily for commercial and industrial applications, can be manufactured in widths of up to 14 feet, with 8 – 12 feet widths being most common. Hartsell Brothers Fence Company manufactures swing gates in our Charlotte North Carolina shop and can customize to the exact width and height needed. Larger swing gates can also be outfitted with automated access motors.

Many industrial and commercial applications require double swing gates that are designed for openings of up to 26 feet and more. Again, since Hartsell Brothers Fence Company manufactures many gates at our facility, we can customize to your dimensions.

Many swing gates are also topped with barbed wire or razor band for added security.


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Some of our products include the following:


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