Advantages of an Electric Gate

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By Hartsell Brothers Fence Company

Electric gate systems are a distinctive type of installation that provide your yard’s fence with a greater degree of flexibility. Electric gates can be made out of a variety of different materials, and they make it much easier to close off the entirety of your yard’s perimeter by sealing the driveway when closed.

Due to their unique method of operation, electric gate systems provide your yard’s fence with a variety of different benefits. Understanding the advantages associated with installing an electric gate within your existing fence can help you decide whether an electric gate is the right fit for your needs.

Full Coverage

One of the main advantages associated with an electric gate is that it makes sure that your yard’s fence fully covers the perimeter of your yard. By blocking off the driveway, your yard will become fully enclosed.

This is extremely beneficial for property owners with pets or small children, as you will be able to let them loose in the yard without having to worry about them leaving the property. Thus, electric gates can be an important safety tool.

Electric gates will also help keep your yard secure by keeping intruders and animals out. A fully enclosed perimeter means that burglars, animals, and pests won’t be able to access your yard or home.

Increased Privacy

If the fencing that is already installed around your yard is a privacy fence, you can easily have an electric gate that is also made out of tall, wide-paneled building materials to prevent pedestrians and other people passing by from getting a look into your yard or into your house.

Property Value and Curb Appeal

Another thing to take into consideration when thinking about installing an electric gate system within your existing fence is the fact that it has a significant effect on the value of your home, just like all other major construction projects and appliance installations.

An electric gate will add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. While curb appeal is a subjective idea, a well-maintained and attractive exterior can encourage higher offer values when you do decide to put your home on the market and can leave buyers with a better impression of the property and thus more likely to put in an offer.

Insurance Savings

Beyond the increase in value that an electric gate can create for your property, a gate installation can also help reduce your monthly insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer discounts when you install a gate to enclose your property because the gate makes robbery and break-ins (as well as any resulting property damage) much less likely. So be sure to check with your insurance company to see how much you could save.


While not necessarily more convenient than simply having an open driveway that you can use whenever you’d like, an electric gate that is installed with your home’s fence does not cause any sort of major inconvenience. Some advanced gate systems will automatically open when a sensor in your car draws near, while others use a simple remote control.

In any case, you will still be able to use your driveway as you have previously, while also enjoying all of the other benefits that are expanded upon above. This represents a straight upgrade over leaving your driveway completely open at all times.

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