The Chain Link Fence Factor for Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners have to consider a number of factors when adding a fence around the perimeter of their building. Some of those factors will help determine which type of fencing material makes the most sense. Here is a look at all the factors involved with choosing a chain link fence for your commercial property.

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Custom Chain Link Walk Gate

The Cost Factor

When building a business, it is important to consider costs in every aspect. A chain-link fence is inexpensive and checks off a lot of boxes. There is virtually no maintenance while it is expected to retain its durability. Installation is relatively easy, which also cuts down on costs. One of the reasons you see so many commercial chain link fences is because of their affordability.

The Height Factor

Shorter chain link fences are usually reserved for the residential sector. A 4 foot chain link fence is more common in the residential sector while heights of 6, 8 and 10 feet are found more often in a commercial setting. The 6 foot variety is most common and that is typically topped with barbed wire. The 8 and 10 foot varieties are also frequently fitted with barbed wire. Since a chain link fence is easy to climb, the barbed wire acts as a deterrent and does an ample job of keeping out intruders.

The Gauge Factor

A chain link fence is made by steel wires meshed together and gauge refers to the diameter. That means that higher gauges equate to a thinner diameter of wire. The most popular gauge sizes in the commercial sector are 9 and 6. Some commercial chain link fences get by with a 9 gauge, although a 6 gauge provides additional security. Industrial properties typically use 6 gauge chain link fences while commercial ones tend to go with 9 gauge more frequently.

The Aesthetic Factor

A chain link fence is not the most pleasing style to view. However, there is a way to spruce things up a bit. Adding a vinyl coating could change the color of the fence. You could match the color of the chain link fence with your commercial property. But chain link fences topped with barbed wire are generally used for security purposes and rarely add splashes of color. Another way to enhance the aesthetics is to add some wooden accents. This could include the addition of posts or rails at various places on the fence.


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