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The Greater and Metro Charlotte metropolitan area is rapidly expanding. Thanks to a robust economy, healthy job growth potential, and competitive salaries, a record number of people are migrating to the city. For apartment complex owners and managers, this is both good and bad.On the one hand, growth creates a larger tenant pool, but on the other hand, population growth also spurs new development. For this reason, you must work harder to make your complex as appealing to potential tenants as newer complexes. Installing a fence and automated access system will assist in accomplishing this goal.


Every person wants to be proud of the place they call home, and an exclusive community is definitely show-off worthy. A fence and access system do more than just keep people that don’t belong out. A fence system also sends a message that this is a private area only for the enjoyment and luxury of a select few, which is attractive for millennials.

Millennials like the added security these systems offer and the sense of luxury a fence and gate structure provide. When you pair this enhanced design with a tech-savvy remote that allows them to open the gate from the convenience of their car, you’re creating a place that millennials, as well as people from other demographics, are happy to call their home.

With a significant portion of the people migrating to the Greater and Metro Charlotte area being of the millennial range, taking a focus on this demographic is a wise choice for attracting and maintaining tenants.


After a long day at work, the last thing your tenants want to face is a barrage of solicitations from local businesses, organizations raising money, or other unsolicited contacts. The reality is that a community can put up as many no-soliciting signs as it’d like, but this doesn’t mean that outsiders won’t still come in.

One reason for this is the fact that soliciting in residential neighbors is not illegal in the city of Greater and Metro Charlotte, so these individuals face no real repercussions.

Sometimes, residents also want a reprieve from even people that they know. For instance, those friends and family members that just pop up without asking first.

A gated apartment community gives tenants a higher level of privacy and traffic control since the system will keep solicitors out and give residents control over who can gain access to the property and who can’t, which is a luxury even most homes don’t offer.


Without question, installing a controlled access system around the apartment complex will increase security. This system creates a barrier that works to keep criminals and all other individuals not authorized to be on the property out, in both the physical and the psychological sense.

In terms of the physical, a fence is a definite physical barrier that keeps others out. In the psychological sense, a fence and gate send a message to potential intruders that the community is serious about safety and security and likely has policies and penalties in place for intruders.

However, penetrating the access system or gate also increases the amount of effort it takes to get in and get away quickly. Since the average criminal is looking to get in and out as fast as possible, this will make the complex a less appealing target. In addition to burglary, a controlled system can also help reduce the risk of violent offenses to members of the community.

The above represents a portion of the benefits a fence and automated access system will afford your apartment complex. At Hartsell Brothers Fence Company, we’re happy to discuss your fencing needs.


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