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Dumpster surrounds, also known as dumpster enclosures, serve multiple purposes. Some of these purposes include keeping animals out, keeping trespassers out, aesthetics, environmental security and municipal building codes. Hartsell Brothers Fence Company is your best-in-class expert for dumpster surrounds and/or dumpster enclosure gates. We manufacture dumpster enclosure gates and surrounds at our Charlotte North Carolina facility and install at your site.

There are a variety of designs and materials available for your dumpster surround. Materials include treated wood, composite wood, PVC, steel, B-decking metal and chain link with or without slats. Each of these materials offer unique features to fit your parameters.

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If durability and sturdiness is foremost, consider steel or B-decking as the best choice.

Treated wood and composite wood are the most used materials. Treated wood is economical, easy to repair and with proper maintenance will last. Composite wood offers the best protection from weather, is maintenance free and comes in a variety of colors. Cedar can be used in lieu of treated or composite wood and offers custom design capabilities. PVC is a good choice for limited applications and comes in a variety of colors.

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