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Apartments are always a popular housing option, but to compete for quality renters or sell your business at a profit, your complex must first be worth its rental prices. Fences add both ornamental and practical value to an apartment complex and may even become a selling point in your listings. These are five ways installing fences around an apartment complex can improve its value to potential tenants and buyers.

1. Increase Curb Appeal

When renters visit an apartment complex, first impressions can make all the difference. An impressive, well-landscaped entrance signals a commitment to quality and renter happiness. By investing in ornamental fencing, particularly around a club house, pool area, or central office, you’ll ensure your apartments put their best foot forward.

Before any fencing can be built on your property, you must be sure it complies with all local codes covering renovations and construction. Building permits and zoning regulations may restrict the types of fencing available to you and where they can be installed. An experienced fencing contractor will be familiar with your local laws and ensure you are in full compliance before breaking ground.

2. Improve Residential Privacy

One of the major downsides to apartment living is a lack of privacy. Tenants tend to appreciate efforts to limit their exposure to their neighbors, particularly in larger complexes with multiple buildings. Running privacy fences between those buildings and around shared yard spaces or parking lots helps families relax and enjoy themselves while cutting down on noise pollution.

Privacy fences can also block any unwanted views from the ground floor of your apartments. If, for example, your property sits next to a busy road, manufacturing site, or dilapidated housing, there’s no need to remind your tenants every time they come home. Strategically placed fences and trees will mask the world outside and create a feeling of seclusion.

3. Seclude Maintenance Areas

Just as your tenants enjoy their privacy, they may not want to see the equipment and storage areas used to maintain the complex. Landscaping supplies and bulk materials need to be stored somewhere, and preferably out of sight. Hiding maintenance areas behind their own privacy fencing will keep them off tenants’ minds and discourage vandals or trespassers.

4. Control Access to Property

While many apartments install fencing along their perimeter, you should consider adding a gate as well. Gated apartment complexes offer a degree of security many renters appreciate, especially in areas with higher crime rates. By controlling access to your property or specific buildings, you protect yourself from legal liabilities and can advertise your community as a safe space for families.

A number of options are available to you when it comes to security gates. Some are attended by a security guard at all times, while others require a password input or are simply monitored by camera. Depending on your needs and budget, you can work with your fencing contractor to strike a balance between security and convenience for renters and their guests.

5. Balance Appearance and Security

Choosing the right fencing for your apartment complex requires the right mix of beauty, durability, and economy. You may, for example, want to invest in ornamental fencing for areas facing roads and recreational facilities. Less visible fencing, such as a perimeter fence, can focus instead on security and ease of installation. Chain link and privacy fencing are often adequate for this purpose.If you are renovating your apartment complex to attract tenants at a higher price, a fence is one of the fastest ways to give your property a major face-lift.
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