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Fences are meant to protect whatever they surround, whether it is a business, school or your own home and yard. A fence also creates a feeling of safety and formality. However, if the fence sustains enough damage, it fails in its mission to protect, voiding the entire structure. How can you help prevent damage to your own fence? Read on to educate yourself on things that damage fences and how to prevent them.

1. Trees

Trees are everywhere, and your fence line may not be fortunate enough to escape their influence. While beautiful and beneficial to the environment, trees can sometimes threaten the integrity of your fence and cause damage.

Toppling trees or falling branches are usually caused by a tree with rot, which manifests after an improper cut to the tree or damage to the roots. Be on the lookout for signs of rot in any trees, including:

  • Dead branches
  • Leaves falling outside of autumn
  • Mushrooms growing at the base of a tree

You can also prevent future rot to overhanging and nearby trees by exercising care when moving heavy machinery around the tree’s roots and while mowing or maintaining your landscape. Also, try not to create any unnatural openings in the tree for the rot to grow in.

2. Weather

Extreme winds such as those found in tornados and hurricanes can easily damage sections of fencing. However, you can avoid damage from objects blowing around your yard by taking a few preventative measures.

Before a storm arrives, remove or secure loose objects in the backyard like lawn furniture and toys. This helps keep damage to a minimum when the wind kicks up. If you have foliage, shrubbery, and branches that extend onto your fence, keep them trimmed so they cannot rub or hit the fence during high winds. Keep on top of repairs of any weak or broken sections of your fence before wind or hail leads to further damage of the surrounding areas.

To reinforce the strength of the fence itself, have a professional inspect your fence and offer recommendations. Better yet, let the pros install your fence in the first place to guarantee it is firmly and properly installed from the start.

3. Vandalism

Teenagers and gang participants all over find it appropriate to spray paint logos, images, and messages on public works. Unruly people may also decide to shatter or break structures. Unfortunately, fences are a favorite target for vandals. If you have a home or business in an area with a lot of property damage, you may find your fence the recipient of unwanted attention.

However, you can help prevent vandalism to your fence in multiple ways. Fixing the vandalism as soon as it occurs discourages repeat offenses. Strategies like specific landscapes can help as well. Placing certain plants and shrubs near the fence discourages the vandals from accessing the area by making it difficult to approach. Idea include:

  • Hedges with thorns like roses, firethorn, or holly
  • Prickly plants such as cacti

Consider implementing hard-to-mark surfaces on your fence as well. Usually, the best option is a special paint that will not retain spray paint graffiti.

Beyond your fence, you can participate in community youth education programs about vandalism and gang actions to help prevent vandalism in your community.

Fences surround your property and help secure your home or commercial business. Trees, weather, and vandalism all attempt to ruin the integrity of your fence. Fortunately, you now know how to help prevent some of that fence damage. For help repairing existing damage to your fence or to obtain a quote for a new fence on your property, contact the professionals at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company.


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