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A fence is an essential part of both industrial and commercial properties. Fences provide the functional benefits of security and privacy, and enhance the look of your building. Aluminum is one of the most common types of materials used to construct fences, largely because of the distinct advantages and characteristics associated with it.

Understanding what an aluminum fence has to offer your home or business can help you figure out if it is the right choice for your fencing needs. Here are some advantages of aluminum fencing.


A huge advantage associated with aluminum as a building material is the fact that it is naturally resistant to rust. This means that water and weather exposure won’t cause structural degradation of your fence over time, which can help improve the life span of your fence and cut down on long-run repair and replacement costs.

This innate quality makes aluminum fences the ideal choice for coastal areas that suffer from higher humidity and salt exposure, which can contribute to rust and corrosion.


Additionally, fences that are made out of aluminum do not require a great deal of maintenance to stay structurally sound. Unlike wood and other types of metal, aluminum won’t need to be sealed or painted to maintain the appearance of your fence.

This is because aluminum is powder coated with paint, which means that the paint is fused to the surface of the aluminum instead of sitting on top of it — preventing flaking and chipping. This also means that the color of your fence will not fade over time due to UV exposure.


Another advantage of aluminum fencing is the fact that it can come in a wide range of different shades and colors because the material is painted during the manufacturing process. This kind of manufacturing means that you can easily customize the appearance of your fence to match the design and aesthetic of the exterior of your property.​


Aluminum fencing can be racked, which means that it can be slanted or adjusted to deal with uneven surfaces. This versatility makes aluminum fences much easier to install in irregularly shaped yards, on hills and in ditches, which can cut down on initial costs.

With non-racked fence varieties, fencing has to be installed in multiple small sections in a stair-like pattern along the side of a slope — which often creates gaps. Because aluminum fencing can be fitted to irregularities and slopes, you can avoid having gaps at the bottom of your fence. For that reason, aluminum fencing provides greater security for uneven yards.


Aluminum fencing is a durable material that cannot be easily cut or broken through. If security is a necessity for your property, you can have spear tops installed on your fence and the posts dug several feet into the ground to make a near-impenetrable barrier to both human and animal intruders.

The durability of an aluminum fencing barrier makes it a great safety installation for pools and dangerous work areas as well. The use of metal panels can make your aluminum security fence an effective privacy barrier as well.


Finally, a major benefit of aluminum as a fencing material is the fact that it can be made out of recycled materials, and it can also be recycled after it is replaced. Recycling helps reduce the overall environmental impact of your property by making use of sustainably sourced materials.

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