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For many businesses, customers are always welcome, but only in a few controlled areas. In outdoor areas, this means restricting access with fencing. There are a number of reasons why a business would need to guide the flow of customers through its property. While some are security related, others are meant to improve the experience of customers and protect them from harm. Read on to discover five situations where fencing can help visitors navigate your commercial or industrial property.


The most obvious benefit of fencing is that it can halt would-be trespassers in their tracks. A security fence is a clear boundary that a typical citizen will avoid violating. The simple presence of a fence is often enough to deter vandals and petty thieves. If your business is home to more valuable materials and items, you may need to invest in additional features for the fence.

Your security needs will, more than anything, determine the fencing options available to you. Low-risk areas like play-grounds may only need wooden or chain-link fencing to stay safe. Solid, mesh, or palisade fencing will stop more serious invaders, particularly when paired with spikes, wire, or electric currents.


If your business has more than one entrance, you have probably experienced a customer finding the wrong way in at least once. While this is usually a harmless inconvenience, it can lead to liability and security issues. This is especially true for schools, medical facilities, and nursing homes. Perimeter fences not only secure your property; they also funnel visitors through the correct entrance to your building. A few signs posted along the perimeter provide extra navigation assistance.

Of course, any fence is only as secure as its gate. Depending on the needs of your business, you may want to leave the customer entrance open to create a more welcoming environment. Any area you want to protect, however, will need to be gated. Speak to your fencing contractor to get a better idea of where gates should be installed and how much protection they need.


Many businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing or other practical industries, need an open outdoor space to complete tasks or store materials. You may, however, not want every potential customer passing by to peek in. Whether you work with trade secrets, stockpile valuable materials, or simply have a messy process, there are many reasons to preserve your commercial privacy.


Similarly, your business may be the site of a temporary construction or renovation project. These sites tend to be noisy, unsightly, and potentially dangerous to passersby. Your construction contractors may provide their own fencing if the project is big enough. Otherwise, consider temporary privacy fencing to block sound and shield your customers from the disruption.


If your business hosts outdoor events or sees frequent crowds, temporary fencing is an easy way to keep guests moving along efficient paths. This prevents confusing and unpleasant traffic jams as people cluster and then try to move on. When hosting an event like a wine or beer garden, this can also help staff screen visitors as they enter.

As you plan the fencing and landscaping of your commercial property, consider the fence not only as a barrier but also as a guide. A fence is a way to communicate with your customers even when you aren’t around, and it can defend your property if a trespasser decides not to listen. Give us a call at Hartsell Brothers Fence Company to begin discussing your security and aesthetic needs, and how our wide variety of fencing can meet them.


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